Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet deals for our sweet fans..

Thank you to all families, friends,supporters, readers. We have been overwhelmed with our recent exposure in a national newspaper, Kompas. Without all of you, our sweat, tears and effort will not materialise to something so delicious :)

On another account, we are happy that a recently launched online discount coupon online marketer KrisKros has approached us to carry out our first online discount coupon deal - exclusively to our fans (of course :)).

There will be more exciting happenings from our little store around the corner from tea parties, launch events and not forgetting our presence in Potato Head Sunday Food Market (24 Jul). Our chef, Elaine Marlene, has concocted ice-cream flavoured cupcakes to entice your palates.

Keep updated and send us your comments.
Have a great weekend!!!