Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolution

To ensure the very best service and quality for 2012, I have decided to take all catering orders to be made and handled entirely by myself. Because of this however, there will be limited dates that our customer can place orders.
As many of you know, I also have a full time job working at Pansophia Indonesia Foundation. Because of the responsibility and main dedication that I have there, Bittersweet Corner will provide order date availability monthly. This will be placed in our store, and all our social media tools effective of January 9th. 
We appreciate your understanding and ofcourse hope to still see you regularly in our store. Store operations and serving will still proceed as usual. :)
With that said, I hope everyone had a sweet new years! Full of love, joy, and laughter. 
Elaine (Head Pastry Chef & Founder)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's some examples of the instagrams submitted! AMAZING

Demonstration at Iphoneography Exhibition

On Saturday, October 1 at EX Atrium, I did my first public demonstration after a while (It's probably been 3 months since my last one!). During this event, Bittersweet Corner collaborated with Iphonesia and Tea Rose Wedding Company to organize a Cupcake and Table Setting Demonstration. At the end of it, Iphone/Instagram users were supposed to snap the ready products as creatively as they can and submit it via Twitter. The top 3 winners would then win prizes. It was amazing how some of the images came out!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Updates!

It’s been quite an eventful couple of months. First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of updates in the Bittersweet Blog. Our calendar has been filling up faster then expected (which is ofcourse amazing news!)

Here’s what you missed in July-
Ira’s Birthday Party
We haven’t had a request for a tea party until sweet bubbly Ira contacted me. Although I was going to be in Singapore, it was too great of an opportunity to miss. So I did what I can and left it to my assistant to make sure Ira got a lovely tea party. And indeed she did.

Green Tea Russian Teacakes as Party Favors

The lovely Ira on Her Special Day

Tea Party Marie Antoinette Style

Birthday Cupcakes

Instyle Fashion Show Catering
By now, our small team is already used to sudden requests of catering for events. However, the Instyle catering is by far the largest of them all. We prepared for 500 guests with menu that includes Nutella Brownies, Strawberry Tart, and Stuffed Mushrooms as the savory selection. We recruited extra help from my other office (Pansophia Indonesia Foundation- www.pansophiaindonesia.org) and had a percentage go to the foundation. 

Bittersweet and Pansophia Catering Team

Sea of mushrooms, strawberry tarts, and nutella brownies

Our Wall of Fame
If you haven’t dropped by the store recently, we’ve added some cozy elements to our little corner. We’ve put up several of our articles and reviews on the wall as a dedication of thanks to those who have featured us. It adds to the whole general homey feel of our store don’t you think?

“How to Make Macaroons” on TV1 Coffee Break
For those who missed us, we were on our first TV feature on Friday, 12th. But don’t worry; here are the instructions for those who missed the demonstration on “How to Make Macaroons”

On location shooting w/ TV1 team

What an unattractive picture! But oh well

Our pretty macaroon chef's face was covered :(

Green Tea Macaroons Ingredients-

Macaron recipe  (yield: 20 macarons)
Egg whites 90 g
Sugar 125 g
Almond meal 125 g
Icing sugar 125 g
Green tea powder 5g
Green tea butter cream:
Butter 100g
Icing sugar 50g
Green tea powder 5g


1. Sieve all the dry ingredients
2. Whip egg whites with sugar (firm consistency).
3. Add in almond meal, icing sugar and green tea powder to meringue.
4. Then fold it slowly until well mix.
5. Put macaroon mixture to piping bag and pipe it on the baking tray approximately 3cm-4cm
6. Leave piped macaroon at room temperature for 15mins.
7. Bake macaroon at 180 degrees for approximately 8 mins


1. Mix room temperature unsalted butter until creamy and add in icing sugar with green tea powder.
2. Stick macaron with butter cream (let the macaron cool it down on the tray first then take it off slowly)