Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March News & Events

Along with the amazing press write-ups that we've received on Femina, Prestige, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia, Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping, and Her World (and others I may have missed), we had quite a stretch of events as well this month. The team is tired but will do it all again in a heartbeat. Contact us for any questions or requests:

March 11, Friday
Martha Stewart Living High-Tea

* Martha Stewart Living Indonesia has been so kind as to contract us for their high-tea events. Their emphasis on lifestyle and homey feel is a great compliment to what Bittersweet believes in.

March 16, Wednesday
Pacific Place Food Demonstration: Serving the Perfect Dessert in Less than 30 mins

* Pacific Place has been so kind as to feature me in their All About Food Month for 2 demo days. I got to know so many wonderful people especially mothers who fell in love with our cakes and came for the following food demo. On this day, I demonstrated how to make 2 of our best-seller cakes. Our Carrot Cake and Fruit Tart. On average, each cake took approximately 30 mins.

March 18, Friday
Pacific Place Food Demonstration: Cookies & Tea Pairing

* What I emphasized during this demonstration is to learn how to pair the pastry or cookies you're eating, with the tea you're drinking. It's all about complimenting your taste buds. Along with that, I shared with the viewers what has got to be the easiest cookie recipe EVER. And they taste so good, please don't blame me if u get addicted. For those who missed the recipe, I'll share it with you right now:

All you need is:
1 box of Ritz Crackers
1 box of chocolate compound (dark or semisweet is fine)

1. Simmer the chocolate compound in a silver bowl over a pan filled with water
2. Remove the bowl of chocolate from the heat
3. Dip your Ritz Crackers until fully coated with chocolate
4. Leave it to dry ( In the fridge for 5 minutes or at room temperature for 15 minutes)
5. DONE!

March 20, Sunday
Potato Head Sunday Food Market

* This is our second time joining in the fun. We sold our best sellers and also our macaroons in which were sold out within a few hours!

March 27, Sunday 
Plaza Indonesia Food Tasting Fiesta

* In celebration of Plaza Indonesia's 21st Anniversary, we joined in the Food Tasting Fiesta that they organized for 100 random participants. We provided our best sellers; brownies, carrot cake, red velvet and oreo cupcakes, and all of it literally was wiped out of the table within 30 minutes!

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