Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Selection of Tarts

We've realized that we are getting an overwhelming positive response for our tarts. So with that, we decided to expand on our tart selection. We don't have complete pictures yet but hopefully the descriptions enable you to envision the tarts and keep a look out for them as Bittersweet Corner opens soon.

Specialty Fruit Tart
Shortbread buttery crust with vanilla flavored cream cheese custard topped with fresh fruits

Sweet Lemon Tart
Crumbly crust with tangy sweet lemon flavor topped with icing sugar

Key Lime Pie
Graham cracker crust with condensed sweet custard with a hint of lime

Fruity Cheesecake Tart
Crumbly crust with fruit infused cream cheese filling

Chocolate Caramel Tart
Bittersweet chocolate crumbly crust with sweet caramel filling and a hint of salt

Caramelized Nut Tart
Graham cracker crust with creamy buttery smooth custard topped with a variety of caramelized nuts

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