Friday, August 27, 2010

Byte-sized setups + Bite-sized samplers

"While EM is busy making fruit tart samplers, taking other Bittersweet fruit tart orders, while making Frosty run around in the house fetching her cream cheese & butter....R has decided to come out from her little cubicle hole, to spill the dish of the progress.."

Thank God, it's Friday, everyone! It has been a hectic week for Bittersweet. From EM's previous post, we have made much progress in our setups. Some nods of agreement with furniture design (long but friendly battle which we all won..), which we are dying to divulge but spoilers are a no-no as we would wish to keep you in suspense! Amongst other things, legal approvals are on track as well as branding. We will be touching base on r.e.c.r.u.i.t.m.e.n.t next.

In the light of recruiting helpers for Bittersweet, we are extremely nervous that we would be doing these sessions tomorrow. Some CVs have flown over to our inboxes - some sent smiles to our faces, some are just a flatly...flat. Being both employer and employee are equally hard, it is like going to a Graduation Ball, you have to be impressed and have the dress to impress. My past interview experience only told me the following:
  • Make sure your interviewers are awake despite the endless coffee you poured him/her

I: *yawns* Tell me about yourself
R: (rambled about her past reigns and successes)
I: zzzz..mbywblelellele...zzz (snores and wakes up in a jolt) Sorry, what was your name again?

  • Never start an argument eventhough topic is very sensitive (I remembered we argued in the cold wintry office in the Great Winchester Street, I came out wondering what actually happened in there..)
  • Decline anything alcoholic as tempting as they may look (One of my fellow competitors became as red as lobster because she could not refuse a glass of wine during luncheon. Needless to say, she did not make it..well at least that was what I thought)

I am sure these are just my overdramatic experience, nevertheless, let's hope our recruitment process is a successful one. We are happy to take on any individuals who would like to assist in making Bittersweet Corner in this amazing journey

Cherrio ~

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