Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cafe Inspirations

Traveling (as I'm sure to many), has always been a great hobby of mine. Instead of looking forward to the shopping in different cities however, I look forward to finding a good cafe. Particularly those who have the perfect cup of latte, and to die for desserts. Here's the top 5 list in which inspired in the making of Bittersweet Corner.

1. Lady M, New York

The inspiration for our Mille Crepe Cake, this quaint little cake boutique in the Upper East Side is everything New York. Simple, understated, but still so chic. It wasn't so much about the environment, but more of its cakes. It's crepe cake is TO DIE FOR. I hope our store's Mille Crepe Cake is as good:)

Mille Crepe Cake (YUM!)

2. Sketch, London
I've never actually been here before. But from all the fuss Reva (one of the partners of Bittersweet) has been making about, this just HAD to be on the list. I can't say much about the food there but from the description Reva gives, and the pictures online, the decor is amazing! For some time, we were confused to whether we should go all modern, or all classic. Until we found the perfect solution. Why not do both?! Classic with a modern twist. Everything we do, including our products, are classic items with a modern twist (think peanut butter and jelly macarons). So we hope Bittersweet Corner will successfully create that environment.

3. TWG, Singapore
The place represents those of high-end tea houses in England. Even the servers are dressed as "butlers". A tad bit too posh for me but I do love their macarons and need I say, their tea (which we will be serving in our place). It's hard to get macarons perfect, but I absolutely love their flavors. Because it is tea-infused, the fragrance and flavors of it is perfect.

Tea-infused macarons

4. Alcove, Los Angeles
I absolutely love the environment that Alcove has created. Although not possible for us to replicate in our location, we are attempting to somehow bring some outdoor essence inside our store (think wood and green bushes (although it'll be fake, IT WONT BE TACKY I promise!)). Oh! And I love how they put cute writings on their cappuccinos and lattes.

Cappuccino and a smile
5. Finale, Boston
This cafe is probably the one I feel most at home at. Their desserts are the perfect treat on a wintery night. Creme Brulee and their Chocolate Melt are my all time favorites. Although We won't be offering Chocolate Melt at our place, I'm proud to announce that our Creme Brulee does taste as good! Their abundant selection of pastries are also an inspiration for our catering menu.

Selection of pretty tartlets

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  1. Ah, Finale..!!! I miss that place, and the Great Tiramisu :) We'll visit your Cafe soon...