Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Bittersweet Corner

Who is Bittersweet? Originally founded in Boston, MA 2 years ago by a dear friend and myself, we started as a word of mouth cake and pastries catering and eventually got popular among the Indonesian community there.

When I went home to Jakarta, Bittersweet just had to come along:) So now, Bittersweet Corner (Cakes & Pastries) is opening right here! Follow us as we settle to occupy our home in Plaza Indonesia Extension (Perennials) in a few months!

Sneak peak:
Bittersweet Corner


  1. Elaine..., I'll be back in Oct/ November and will definitely stop by. :-) Good luck with it!


  2. Bittersweet is coming back! Congrats..unfortunately not in Boston:-) I'm still craving of your yummy choco cookies...God bless your business Elaine!

  3. Choco cookies? Is that the one that I haven't got a chance to try? Lemon bar please (:)
    God bless ur business Laine!

  4. Thank you everyone for the wonderful support! @Mina: I can't wait to share the experience with u! We're scheduled to open in November. @Ka Jane: So sorry I never got a chance to make it for you again... I uhmmm couldnt find one the important ingredient anymore:( @Ko Ray: Lemon bars are a great hit here! I need a suggestion... should I leave it as bite size lemon bars or make it into a tart ya? I'm getting good response for both...

  5. laine!! cant wait to drop by next year. hahaha. good luck and success for ya!!